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Forensic Cardiovascular Pathology

Acquired diseases, malformations and treatment/surgery-related complications of the heart and vessels
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Pediatric Osteology

Cases of alleged bony trauma, primary (metabolic) bone disorders and alleged bone fragility
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Neuro- and Ophthalmic Pathology

Injuries and diseases of the brain, spinal cord, cervical spine, eyes, nerve and muscle
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Forensic Gynecologic Pathology

Cases of alleged rape and sexual abuse in any age group
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Virtual and Traditional Autopsies

Performance and interpretation of traditional autopsies and postmortem CT scans
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Forensic Anthropology

Human skeletal identification, evaluation of bony trauma and disease

Medicolegal laboratory studies in neuropathology, cardiovascular pathology, forensic gynecology, bone pathology, forensic anthropology, and autopsy pathology.

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All external and internal (cut) aspects of wet specimens, and all aspects of anthropology specimens are expertly photographed according to the highest standards. Photomicrographs are often included as exhibits.



Our dedicated neuropathology program covers adult (including neurodegenerative diseases), fetal and pediatric neuropathology. Beyond the brain and its coverings, we also evaluate the cervical spine and spinal cords, eyes, muscle and nerve.

The forensic neuropathology Quality Lead is Dr. Leslie Hamilton. Dr. Hamilton is assisted by two other neuropathologists who together collaborate to provide expert service coverage across the neuropathology spectrum. Forensic pathologist Dr. Evan Matshes also provides assistance on this service, particularly in cervical spine examinations, and in cases with vertebral artery pathology.


We provide expert evaluations of the full spectrum of fetal, pediatric and adult cardiovascular disorders, as well as extensive studies of “intervened” hearts such as those that are post-operative, coronary artery bypass grafts and stents, ablation procedures, ECMO and hearts with VADs.

The cardiovascular pathology Team Lead is Dr. Evan Matshes. Dr. Matshes is assisted by two other forensic pathologists who together collaborate to provide expert service coverage across the cardiovascular pathology spectrum, including electrochemical metallic stent dissolution.


A proper, thorough pathologic evaluation of a pelvic exenteration specimen can dramatically aid the investigation of alleged sexual assault, abuse and rape of infants, children and adults. We process and report exenteration specimens from these difficult cases.

All pathologists at the NAAG Pathology Labs PC serve on the forensic gynecology service team, and together, provide collaborative consultations on these very important, high-level cases.


Much can be learned through the gross and histologic evaluation of pediatric skeletal elements. An evaluation of primary and secondary bone disorders, suspected fractures (including estimates of fracture ages) are all possible with high quality studies. We also offer serum Vitamin D testing to rule in or exclude disorders of Vitamin D metabolism as contributing to fracture formation.

All pathologists at the NAAG Pathology Labs PC, and a consultant pediatric radiologist, serve on the pediatric forensic osteology service team, and together, provide collaborative consultations on these very important, high-level cases.


Our forensic pathologists are available to perform first of second medicolegal autopsies, and certain types of “private” autopsies. We also offer formal forensic pathology interpretations of postmortem CT (PMCT) scans in small or large volume settings, thanks to our world-class PACS system.

The Traditional and Virtual Autopsy Team Lead is Dr. Sam Andrews. Dr. Andrews is assisted by multiple forensic pathologists who together collaborate to provide expert service coverage across the autopsy spectrum. Our world-class PACS system allows us to perform virtual autopsies from anywhere on the globe.


We are pleased to provide expert-level (textbook quality) forensic photography services as developed, implemented and executed by a board certified forensic photographer.


Examination, documentation and interpretation of identifying features and osseous trauma is a domain that sits at the interface of forensic anthropology and forensic pathology. We offer a lab-based and on-site anthropology investigations, as well as “digital” evaluation of osseous injuries through virtual autopsy.

The Forensic Anthropology Team Lead is Dr. Madeleine Hinkes, a PhD-level, board certified forensic anthropologist. Dr. Hinkes is assisted by our forensic pathologists as necessary


The NAAG Pathology Labs PC is dedicated to provided world-class service to death investigation services across the United States. To that end, we offer pre-packaged examination services to guide and serve pathologists as they process highly complex, high profiles (and often times controversial) autopsies.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Panels are available across broad areas including abusive head trauma, battered infant/child deaths, pediatric starvation/neglect, death-in-custody, elder abuse/neglect, intervened hearts, mesothelioma, occupational lung disease, malignancy of unknown origin.

Unexpected Infant & Child Death


The NAA Group of companies has a deep commitment to helping understand how and why infants and young children die.  The unexplained death of a baby or toddler is a terrible tragedy for families and for society on the whole.

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